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Scintillating Spudger Story

Chris Wiley -

iPhone 5s

How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

40 minutos


Mi Problema

The old battery was ridden hard and put up wet on many occasions, and barely lasted through the work day anymore, let alone into the evening.

Mi Solucion

Mostly well, with a couple exceptions:

-as mentioned in the comments for the guide, ifixit’s #000 Philips bit was too small for the battery clip cover; you Healy have to put your shoulder into it for the darn thing to bite into the fastener enough.

-I’m about 95% sure the adhesive strips in my kit were packaged incorrectly. The pink plastic sheet came off smooth as butter, but the blue sheet stuck so firmly to the strip as to be ridiculous. I ended up removing the pink sheet, setting that side of the strips against my battery, then, over the course of fourty minutes, slowly pried back the blue sheet, scraping the strips onto my battery with the spudger as I went. They were stuck right enough that, to pull tension on the sheet, I had to roll up the end and grab it with vice grips. It was bad enough that I looked up the video specifically for the strips, to make sure I wasn’t going insane.

Other than liberating the new adhesive strips taking as long as the entire enterprise was purported to take, I had a great time.

Mi Consejo

Get creative and don’t give up. Frustration never looks good on anyone.

Imagen de iPhone 5s Battery
iPhone 5s Battery


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