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HD replace with SSD

myler -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

5 - 30 minutos


Mi Problema

Nvidia chip fried the logic board on my MBP a1226

This was covered by Apple, as, this was apparently recalled some time ago...

Apple then informed me that my HD was about to fail...

used that as an opportunity to upgrade my RAM and HD with an SSD seeing as the cost of the logic board was covered by Apple and the upgrades were cheaper than buying a new logicboard.

Mi Solucion

In my case, cloning my OS was problematic due to the HD failure.

SuperDuper, and CarbonCopyClone both failed to successfully clone my OS due to many errors on the partition.

I was able to copy my data to another external HD that I use for my music library, once that was safe and secure, I had to install a fresh OS to the NEW SSD, confirm that I could boot off of the new drive, then install the new drive into the MBP.

Hardware install is relatively simple if you are familiar with opening up your Mac, even if you are not, its still pretty straightforward.

Alot time wasted on troubleshooting to figure out why both clone softwares were failing, but once I loaded a new OS and I could confirm the new OS was booting off the new drive, the complete swap took probably 20-30 minutes.

Power up.... good to go.

Now begins the process of getting all of my software back..... (cringe)

Mi Consejo

Make sure you back up regularly.

Provided you are coming from a working HD, SuperDuper or CCC work great.

If you have any HD errors, use that as a good chance to install a fresh OS and start on a clean slate.

Install is quick, easy.

From power on to desktop in less than 10 seconds... pretty amazing.

Battery lasts longer as well.

I opted for 120gb SSD as I use external TB for my library files (music, movies, etc.)

120 is fine for any of my mobile needs (design, Ableton creations, etc).

Bottom line, its like a brand new MBP, and blazing fast.

for most laptop needs, 120gb is more than enough space.

it wasn't that long ago that a 250gb disk HD was 3 or 4, well worth the upgrade for $250 bucks.

Overall, extremely satisfied with the purchase, service, and write-ups on ifixit.

this is the 3rd purchase and repair I've done through the site (including fixing a shattered LCD).

shipping is always fast, write ups and pictures are more than helpful.

ifixit always saves the day

Literally performs better than a brand new computer, my roomate has a new MBP, and mine is much quicker.

I refuse to buy a new MBP ... I will run my a1226 till the end !


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