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iPhone 4 Display Assembly Repair

carlspsyd -

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Mi Problema

Um... It dropped and landed face down on the concrete sidewalk when I pulled my hand out of my jacket pocket. No, I did not have a cover of bumper on the phone at the time. I do now.

Mi Solucion

I followed the repair guide to the letter including using the parts tray. The tray was invaluable to keep the screws organized for reassembly. Since the display was cracked getting the old glass off the front tape that secured the original display to the frame took some time and patience. The reassembly went well - I thought. I cleaned the parts as suggested to keep grounding points solid. I got it back together and the screen flickered and acted very erratic. I used it for a day and after not being able to enter text on the screen consistently I figured something was wrong with either my reassembly or the new glass assembly was defective. My hunch was my reassembly. Took the phone apart once again and looked at the old part verses the new part. The old part had insulation on the Digitizer cable and LCD cable connectors. The new part did not. I did a fair amount of component level trouble shooting 20 years ago and thought this may be the culprit because the wi-fi antenna goes across the top of these two and three other connectors. I thought it might be the source of the short. I was correct. After I re-insulated the top of these two connectors and carefully observed the reassembly of the wi-fi antenna I discovered that the antenna bar made contact with with bare LCD cable connector on the main board. Reassembled. Works good as new!

Mi Consejo

My advice. Re-insulate the Digitizer cable and LCD cable connectors. I used two small pieces of black electrical tape as an insulator. It would have been helpful if there was a note on the new display stating that the connectors need to be insulated or an addendum to the step-by-step instructions. Thanks for the great site. It was invaluable once again.

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