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Successful repair of iPad 4 screen

Shawn Dryden -

iPad 4 Wi-Fi

iPad 4 Wi-Fi Front Panel Replacement

iPad 4 Wi-Fi Front Panel Replacement

3 horas


Mi Problema

Screen was badly cracked after bing dropped on corner of iPad.

Mi Solucion

Repair went smoothly. No major issues but needed another tool to make it really work.

Mi Consejo

Need to stay patient as it's tedious work getting the screen off. After that it's pretty easy. The plastic tool to pry open the screen from the edge isn't great. It should have a metal edge really. It gets bent and worn down. I used an exacto knife which did the trick. Also, a video of the tear down would be much more helpful. I found a video online which walked through the process. It's the same as the photos here but seeing it in action really helps.

Imagen iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)
iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)


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