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Mini VGA adapter for my iBook G4

tracyjanesc -

Mi Problema

I am the 4th owner of an iBook G4, which I brought back to *life* with the help of iFixit. As the 4th owner, however, the mini VGA adapter never made it through the other 3 owners to me. I didn't see this as a problem until I needed to make presentations at my university. It seems the projectors that have been installed in the classrooms cannot be recognized by the new MacBook running Lion as a secondary monitor. I decided to bring in my trusty iBook G4 as my plan *B*, but needed the adapter to make the connection.

Thankfully iFixit had the part I needed.

Mi Solucion

While not technically a repair, this was a solution to a problem. The adapter works great. I was grateful that I was able to find a part for my *grand old lady* of Apple laptops, who is ready to serve when her newer counterpart will not.

Mi Consejo

If there is anyone out there who understands or has a work-around for connecting a new MacBook through mini-dvi to hdmi to a projector, please let me know. From reading the forums I can see that I am not the only one having this problem.

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