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Fixed iPhone number 8

msalvatini -

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

20 minutos


Mi Problema

Screen digitizer failure and Apple store can't fix and a replacement from them is like 5X the fix from iFixit. Wasn't about to tell her to upgrade, and she didn't want to anyway.

Mi Solucion

Went fine as all 8 of my iPhone fixes have gone. Getting so good at these that I don't need the 20 min average repair time. I have all the iFixit tools, and the magnetic map is still a godsend in keeping things where you need them and never lose them. Since most of my repairs are screens with the full Assembly replacement, I now have more iFixit extra tools than iFixit!!! Seriously, I have the full compliment of tools in the excellent magnetic box with wrap around cover and everytime I order another, iFixit rewards me by enclosing the proper screwdrivers and suction cup. Can't you cut like a buck off and don't send the tools?

Do like the idea of sending the screen assembly back with postage paid label. It didn't work, I don't need it, and hard to dispose of and be "eco friendly." So, hat's off to iFixit.

I use the tools to repair so many gadgets and electronic devices, computers (redundant I know!) that I'm confident unless it's beyond being repaired, like a cracked screen, there isn't anything I can't open up, spluge my way in, unscrew, pull off and fix.

Great feel of a "win" in extending device life vs. toss/trade in/spend way more money.

Mi Consejo

Fixing it/anything around the house provides a feeling of accomplishment, saves money, it's educational, and just all around satisfying. Creating an Excel spreadsheet; doing my "day job" just doesn't give you the "fix" that repairing a device does. Watching whatever light goes on that says "I work" is a natural high.

Imagen de iPhone 5c Screen
iPhone 5c Screen


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