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Apple Watch Repair

Brian Wolfcale -

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Screen Replacement

Apple Watch Screen Replacement

40 minutos


Mi Problema

I broke my screen, by dropping my watch on my tile floor!

Mi Solucion

The repair went great. My screen was damaged around the whole outside of the screen and I had previously picked out all the loose glass. So the screen removal (which I assume is the most difficult part) was a non-issue.

Mi Consejo

I didn't remove or touch battery when disassembling the connector for the screen. I'm not sure why this is a step in the guide, besides to remove power to the connectors? I skipped this and everything worked great.

My only issue was the adhesive on the gasket under the screen was not salvageable. My screen would not stay in place. The gasket was in great shape though, so to avoid paying for another part I picked up a small tube of silicone adhesive. Put a small layer around gasket, popped my screen in place and let it cure overnight with a book on top to provide pressure. 5 days later, so far so good!

Imagen de Apple Watch (42 mm, Original & Series 1) Screen
Apple Watch (42 mm, Original & Series 1) Screen


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