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Another iPhone screen replacement

msalvatini -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

1 hora


Mi Problema

The usual problem. This time the wife dropped hers and shattered the screen. This is the 4th one of these I've done.

Mi Solucion

Fast and easy with the help of iFixit, not only with parts, but I have just about every one of your tools imaginable. Bought the full repair kit as there are also 3 MacBook Pro's in the house. After all, after 4 of the same repair, practice made perfect. Now I'm trying to beat my time on screen replacement:-) I'd definitely be in medal contention in the iPhone screen repair Olympics.

Mi Consejo

Keep calm; first time-watch the video's; take your time. The screws were invented by fairies, but ifixit tools are a must have. The magnetic mat, for me was a god send. The fairy screws will move and you'll never find them. And there is a definite sequence and size to the screws holding the metal plate over the connectors, so keep them in the proper order.

Imagen de iPhone 6 Screen
iPhone 6 Screen


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