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Wonderfully affordable and high quality!

daneshep -

Mi Problema

I own a small Computer Repair company and am frequeltly cracking open notebook screens, chassis, Tablets, Smart Phones, Macs, etc. It is so nice to find affordable, quality, tools which will not scratch or mar the devices like a pocket knife or other device would. I particularly look forward to projects with the "iSesamo" tool!

Mi Solucion

What repairs I have made since aquiring them have been great. Splitting open the bezels on notebook screens and separating the keyboard assembly has been much easier than with the "Clay Putty" tool kit I previously used, and was about the same cost! I'm so happy iFixit exists!!

Mi Consejo

Get these. If you ever have a need to tear apart electronics, and have ANY intention of putting them back together without being all "nicked-up" and violated-looking, I highly recommend these kits. Thanks!!

Imagen Metal Spudger Set
Metal Spudger Set


Imagen iSesamo Opening Tool
iSesamo Opening Tool


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