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Small Crack in Screen

Daniel -

iPad Air Wi-Fi

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iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

3 horas

Very difficult

Mi Problema

There was a hairline crack across the digitizer.

Mi Solucion

This was my first iPad repair. The adhesive holding the front glass/digitizer is stronger than I anticipated. I was not doing something right with the iOpener as it never seemed to warm up the adhesive enough to release. I eventually shattered the front glass using the suction cup (accidentally from the existing crack) and ended up tearing it off piece by piece, being sure to watch out for the sensitive areas pointed out in the repair guide. Once the glass was off, the repair became a breeze! But wow, was that an intense glass removal process! [Half of the screen torn off, pictured above, being extra carful around the cables on the bottom right]

Mi Consejo

Consider a hair dryer to warm up the adhesive around the edges (Instead of /In addition to iOpener).

If the screen is cracked, the tape across the screen definitely helps prevent spiderwebbing--but can prevent the suction cup from getting a good seal.

Be patient!!

Imagen iPad Air Front Glass/Digitizer Touch Panel Full Assembly
iPad Air Front Glass/Digitizer Touch Panel Full Assembly


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