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Cr-48 needed some open heart surgery.

shiftf8 -

Mi Problema

My Cr-48 started consistently dropping wifi connectivity. At first it would just lose network connections randomly. But it became chronic and even started acting as if it couldn't connect to the network card altogether. I finally discovered an online post ( describing the same issues I was having and a solution. Take apart the Cr-48, disconnect and then reconnect the wifi card. Naturally I needed tools to do this and I saw this as an opportune time to purchase my own set of precision tools. This particular set was exactly what I was looking for.

Mi Solucion

The repair went fantastic! With a little courage, I successfully used the tools I purchased from iFixit to make the repair and I am once again, crazy about my Cr-48. It's working like a dream. Getting the casing to unsnap after I removed all of the outer screws was a little nerve racking, I was afraid I was going to inadvertently break a piece of plastic and not be able to get the casing back on properly, but I followed the picture instructions as best they were laid out for me and it all turned out excellent. I am one happy Chromebook fan again!

Mi Consejo

My only advice to someone else doing this repair is probably to use one of those pill a day trays or something to keep the loose screws organized. There are a lot of them. This might sound obvious but I made the mistake of using the lid to the screw driver set as a place to drop the different screws. One bump and they all got mixed together. Not that it's difficult to figure out which screws go where, but there are a lot of them and many of them are different.

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