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iPhone 4 Transparent Rear Panel.... with Light

coryjohnson011 -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

2 - 5 minutos


Mi Problema

I bought the iPhone 4 backlighting kit, which replaces the back panel with one that has a clear Apple logo, and guides you through installing a small, LED-driven light panel behind the logo. The rear panel broke :( and they recently jacked up prices to $80 for a new one (!), so I decided to get the clear back, and use electrical tape over the light panel to create an apple logo.

Mi Solucion

Unfortunately, the light panel, despite its diminutive thickness, wouldn't fit under this new clear back. I ended up ditching the light kit entirely... oh well. At least now I have this sexy new clear iPhone back.

Mi Consejo

Light panel + clear iPhone back panel = failure. The clear back just doesn't give enough space for even a .7mm light panel.

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