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Fixing a lot of stuff on my 3gs

dennisluftig -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement


Mi Problema

3gs had multiple problems. Pics fuzzy, faulty earphone jack, screen scratched. Had wife's old 3gs with cracked screen, so I just ordered the front panel kit.

Mi Solucion

I used double sided tape on tablet paper, taking out the screws from each phone. I had multiple windows open to the Ifixit site, and switched a lot because I was trying to accomplish so many tasks. All went well until grandchildren came over for a sleep-over. Somehow that sticky tape got mushed up. So I bailed on the screen change over. I need to replace that one item, and will then go back and put on a new front panel. It was an awesomely wonderful experience, the tools high quality (the screwdriver is magnetized) and I now have a perfectly working 3gs!!!!

Mi Consejo

Have a ton of light, a headlamp, two pairs of reading glasses, lots of time, no children about, double sided clear tape, a tablet of paper that you can tear out, a pen, a laptop connected to Ifixit, a big table. I found that a lot of my 3gs problems (fuzzy pics and faulty speaker jack) were due to dirt inside camera. I vowed to wash my work pants daily to keep dirt out.

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