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bought PS3 YLOD kit and fix worked on first try...but soon failed.

h bomb -

PlayStation 3

Yellow Light of Death Repair

Yellow Light of Death Repair

1 - 2 horas


Mi Problema

i got the YLOD on my 40 GB PS3 and didn't want to buy a new one just yet and i didn't want to lose my game data or deal with transferring it just yet.

Mi Solucion

2/16/2012: i followed about 80% of the guide and video and also used a few different youtube videos since a different model was covered in the guide. i took my time and labeled each part (and bolts) with steps and took some photos as I followed the guide. after putting the ps3 back to together i was happy to not have any left over parts or bolts :)

2/17/2012: the ps3 has been running since yesterday, but today, after about 25 minutes, the fan starting revving up and remained loud for awhile (it's been over an hour). this only happened when i played a dvd. the fan didn't rev up during streaming (netflix). from everything i've read, it looks like i may need to reapply the thermal paste. stay tuned.

2/20/2012: took the ps3 apart again, thoroughly cleaned the thermal paste off the processors and re-applied - ensuring an even application. i also ensured the brackets (above the heat sink) where tighter than before. the ps3 started up w/o issue and played a dvd w/o issue...i had it in there for over an hour and the fan never revved and remained on. no issues with streaming, either (as before). also played portal 2 for a short while - no issues. i am betting the brackets weren't tight enough.

2/26/2012: PS3 started up, then 20 minutes later, shut down and the red light just blinked. Tried switching off, then switching on, and starting up again...same result. On third attempt, it would only start, immediately stop, and just blink red.

Fail. :(

Mi Consejo

if you plan on completing the fix, buy the kit - the price of the thermal compound and thermal pads together are almost the cost of the kit without the heat gun. and besides, having to hunt down some of these items isn't worth the trouble. i would get the kit without the heat gun and just buy a cheaper heat gun. i was lucky in that i was able to borrow one. i used the low setting (700 degrees in my heat gun's case) and did the reflow step twice, waiting 20 minutes in between (as suggested in a different video). become familiar with the guide before starting the process...also watch some videos on disassembling/reassembling your particular ps3 model in case it's different than what's in this guide. take your time and follow the instructions as best as you can to avoid frustrations and/or the fix not working. if you tend to forget what parts/bolts go where, label each set of parts/bolts (by their step #) and take photos, if necessary. this will make it easier when you're ready to put your ps3 back together. use compressed air to blow out dust as you remove each part and/or when you notice dust. i used a combo of goof off and alcohol to clean off the old thermal paste - goof off for the initial cleaning and alcohol as the final wipe. good luck! the effort in buying the kit and fixing my ps3 myself was totally worth it - it was very reinforcing to have my ps3 start up...and work!

Imagen PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit
PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit


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