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Not that difficult, but some experience is good

cvela90 -

iPhone 5s

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How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

25 minutos


Mi Problema

The battery would not last. Airplane mode would actually kill the battery faster and high drain apps like TomTom would make the phone shutdown due to battery dropping from 60% to 18% immediately.

Mi Solucion

It was a success! Phone behaves like new and all the symptoms I had are gone.

The adhesive strips broke on me and the clip for the home button took some extra work to figure how it was inserted for the clip to work.

Mi Consejo

The back portion of home button cable clip goes inside the little metal tab, not behind. Once you do that, it clips in place in the front very easy. And do yourself a favor, take the time to watch the whole video first. Don't piece meal it while following the specifics directions. That may have saved me from breaking the glue strips.

Imagen de iPhone 5s Battery
iPhone 5s Battery


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