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IFixit is Magic!!

Amy Kisner -

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

Imagen de cuento

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Charger Port Replacement

15 minutos


Mi Problema

My tablet started giving me trouble several months ago-not charging when plugged in, or being very finicky about the charger plug being connected to the device in just the right way. So I knew the end was near, and when it finally refused to power up one day I thought it was gone for good.

Mi Solucion

My dad told me to check ifixit before buying a new device, and I was skeptical. I'm the kind of person who secretly believes that all electronic devices actually run on magic, and without seven years at Hogwarts I would never be able to tackle this myself. I was wrong! Clear pictures, well labeled, teleportation-fast shipping! I decided to replace both the battery and charging cable since i wasn't sure where the problem was, and also ordered the recommended screwdriver and opening tools. Lifesavers, those were. I never imagined it could be so easy, and after weeks of squinting at my phone I have a working, charging, 10" tablet again, for about 1/10th (!!!!) the cost of a new device!! Seriously, magic. It was so easy! The only downside was the several-week wait time for the parts I needed to become available, but SO worth the wait!

Mi Consejo

Total doable for non-techies

Imagen de Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 USB Connector Assembly
Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 USB Connector Assembly


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2 comentarios

You're a repair wizard, Amy.

Julia - Contestar

100 points to Amy!

Kay-Kay Clapp - Contestar

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