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Icing on the cake

Frank Ramirez -

iPod Classic

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iPod Classic Logic Board Replacement

10 minutos


Mi Problema

I had an old iPod that was in need of a replacement hard drive. I disassembled the iPod to remove/replace the hard drive and ended up damaging the LCD screen. I decided to replace not only the hard drive, but the hard drive cable, LCD screen and also the battery. Even after replacing these components I was still having trouble with the iPod not functioning, so it was clear I needed to replace the logic board also.

Mi Solucion

Since the iPod was already disassembled it was fairly quick and easy to swap out the logic board and reassemble the iPod.

Mi Consejo

The process of repairing my iPod classic was a lot easier than I would've thought and feel like pretty much anyone can do it, as long as they take their time and use the right tools.

Imagen de iPod Classic (80 GB and 160 GB Thick) Logic Board
iPod Classic (80 GB and 160 GB Thick) Logic Board


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