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Skip the Apple Store and fix it yourself

sherrycheuk -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

2 - 5 minutos


Mi Problema

I used to be a Pats fan until this recent Super Bowl. When Brady threw a Hail Mary interception, I threw my phone in rage and shattered the back of my iPhone. Not just a little crack that could be repaired by a strip of packing tape... messed up like pieces of little glass kept finding their way into my flesh.

Mi Solucion

Incredibly fast. Luckily, my iPhone is an earlier generation so I didn't need to get the 5-point screwdriver. If you have 4-point screws, any eyeglasses kit screwdriver will work. I read your awesome guide on installing the rear panel a few times so that popped off in a minute. In all, it took about 15 minutes to replace since getting on the rear panel was a little finicky. Oh, plus the delivery was quick. I got my replacement in the mail a few days after I ordered. Great service!

Mi Consejo

I read in one review that the replacement panel didn't "click" into place and so they got another one. I had a similar issue but I couldn't wait for another replacement. (It popped into place but didn't want to slide down) Placing my thumbs along the side of the panel, I pressed down hard to slowly slide the panel on. Double-check with the front panel to see if the rear panel is all the way on, then put screws back in.

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