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It Works!

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iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz

iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz DC-In Board Replacement


Mi Problema

My power socket got warped, and I didn't want to spend 900 bucks on a new computer. When I took the computer to my local authorized Apple reseller, they told me they couldn't guarantee they could get the part for my "vintage" laptop.

Then I researched the net and found Ifixit.

Mi Solucion

The repair went very well. After reading the how to online, I ordered a spudger along with the part, a DC-in Board for my IBook G4. The parts arrived early!, and I set about the repair on my kitchen table. It took all of 20 minutes or so, and here I am writing this on the very same machine.

Mi Consejo

Don't be afraid, you can do it.

Imagen Spudger


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