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Easy fix!

Brian McLean -

iPod 5th Generation (Video)

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Battery Replacement

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Battery Replacement

20 minutos


Mi Problema

The battery finally gave out after all these years. I could only listen while it was plugged in to power, no iTunes for sync'ing music

Mi Solucion

Reviewed instructions from and followed along. The first part of splitting the case was aggravating. I needed something like a guitar pick as I saw others post, so I found something that would work. I got the bottom open just enough to insert my small flat piece of plastic and started working the case, done... Once you get going and it's pretty easy. Take your time. Followed the rest as the instructions says, really 20 minutes.

Mi Consejo

Use a guitar pick or some flat nylon piece once you get going on splitting the case, it helps. The rest is as the instructions says, no guesswork involved. Take your time, the hard part is that first step and the pick does help.

Imagen iPod Video 60/80 GB Replacement Battery
iPod Video 60/80 GB Replacement Battery


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Best 15 bucks I've spent in a long while!

Brian McLean - Contestar

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