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Galaxy S3 Front Glass

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Samsung Galaxy S III

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Samsung Galaxy S III Broken Front Glass Replacement

2 horas


Mi Problema

Broke the front glass. I fixed it myself because I can, and because I refuse to be controlled.

Mi Solucion

Very well. Everything works. The adhesive strip is tricky as it is the shape of the body and it sticks to fingers and there is a small amount of residue from the old adhesive still on the LCD but with the glass installed, it is covered.

Mi Consejo

DO NOT rush this fix. Take your time. DO NOT heat up the guitar pick. It renders it out of shape very quickly and useless. DO NOT use a hair dryer. Hire or get a heat gun. I didn't use a thermometer because I'm a pretty good judge of heat. But don't risk it if you're not sure.

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2 Comentarios

"Because I refuse to be controlled and because I can"

Exactly me.

Po Lu - Contestar

" I fixed it myself because I can" — like a boss! Thanks for sharing :)

Kay-Kay Clapp - Contestar

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