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My iPhone 3gs Battery Problem

sboodhun -

Mi Problema

My iPhone would every now and then just randomly switch off just by itself for no obvious reason at all! It then would not turn on again whatever I would do (hard reset, plus to wall charger, etc). Sometimes, it would become also hot but other times not. The battery percentage would also go mad and indicate 20% and seconds later 90%.

Mi Solucion

Just ordered the replacement battery from and it delivered directly to my home. Was not a difficult task to replace it following the guides.

Mi Consejo

Make sure when you order that you order Battery with Apple Part Number (APN) 616-0433, 616-0434 or 616-035(this is what I got from iFixit). I tried another Battery (616-0428) on my 3Gs. It worked I but could not restore new firmware with it on iTunes.

Imagen iPhone 3GS Replacement Battery
iPhone 3GS Replacement Battery


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