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Purchased Pro Tech Base Toolkit! ^_^

bronsonulu -

Mi Problema

There was no problem. Purchased the toolkit as needed some new tools, especially since I would like to get into fixing iPhones. I am so pleased and excited with my kit as its got most every thing I need to do specialised and general repairs. It will come in very handy for when I dissassemble laptops for repair.

Mi Solucion

Strangely enough I actually needed to use my kit the first day I got it. I used the metal spudger to cut around some paint on a faceplate of a phone socket, then used the other side to gently pry it off. Not to forget using the driver and bits to undo the screws. I was so excited to be using my kit already!

Mi Consejo

Im so happy with the experience with iFixit! My order was delivered to my door about a week after the order was put through. I live in New Zealand and this was probably quickest delivery from the states.

Im incredibly greatful for iFixit giving me some Kapton tape since they found it would be too much hassel to add something additional onto my order after it had already gone through online.

Thanks again iFixit! You guys are the best! ^_^

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