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Macbook wanted a taste of my Dr. Pepper

caseyjdavis -

MacBook Pro 17" Models A1151 A1212 A1229 and A1261

MacBook Pro 17" Models A1151 A1212 A1229 and A1261 Keyboard Replacement


Mi Problema

A can of Dr. Pepper was spilled and it seeped under the keyboard causing it to be sticky and unresponsive. I took out the keyboard and there was no way I would be able to clean it effectively.

Mi Solucion

Repair went smoothly. The ribbon cables that were glued to the keyboard gave me a bit of trouble. I was afraid I was going to break them by pulling them up. I carefully pried them up using the spudger tool from a previous iPhone repair.The iFixit guide was very helpful in tearing down the laptop. New keyboard was OEM and fit perfectly. For whatever reason the backlit keys don't light up anymore but that's a minor inconvenience.

Mi Consejo

Get 4 small Tupperware bowls to store the four different types of screws that come out of the laptop when you disassemble. This keeps them from falling in the carpet, never to be seen again.

If you don't have a T6 Torx head bit you can use a small flat bladed screwdriver to unscrew the two torx head screws on the bottom of the laptop.

Imagen MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1261) Keyboard
MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1261) Keyboard


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