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Step 7, hex 1.5 - T6 Torx vs the 1.5mm Allen Wrench

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Electronics Skills

How to Apply Thermal Paste

How to Apply Thermal Paste

5 - 20 minutos


Mi Problema

Replacing Logic Board in PowerBook G4 15" 1.25ghz

Mi Solucion

The repair went great - thanks.

Mi Consejo

In step 7 the instructions state, "Remove the 4.2 mm 1/16" H 1.5 hex screws in either corner, next to the display (a T6 Torx driver will also do the job nicely).

I completely forgot the obvious & used the T6 ? no (didn't fit), the T7 shaved down a bit when I should have just used a 1.5mm allen wrench or hex key.

I realized this after the repair & used my allen wrench to optimize the torque.

The required tools mention the T6 & this was the only place to use it throughout the repair when actually the 1.5mm allen wrench is a much better fit but isn't mentioned in the required tools.

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Metal Spudger


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Anti-Static Wrist Strap


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Arctic Silver Thermal Paste


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