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Great compact kit for computer and phone repair.

nukwar -

Mi Problema

No problem just liked the all inclusive kit. Besides being an instructor of electronics, and an old Alpine and B&O certified tech, I repair computers and home & car audio. I liked the fact that most of the tools needed for repairing the above mentioned were included. I have tool kits that are much larger but heaver to haul around. I did get a chance to repair an ipod touch 2nd generation for a student. He had run over the device with a car and the screen was cracked in to several pieces. Amazingly the device still worked.

Mi Solucion

The repair was somewhat easy. DIY's should know that with a screen broken into several pieces small an large it is very easy to cut you finger while removing the screen. Tiny glass pieces will fall every where. The plastic opening tools will be sacrificed. The plastic tool with the small end broke while removing the glass. The others will receive marks and the sharp edge will also be compromised. This is understandable because they are made of soft plastic. They are also cheap to purchase more. After 30 mins of prying and lifting small glass pieces the screen came out.

Mi Consejo

While removing the glass you may want to use the metal spudgers but if you do you will damage the metal case of the device. Make sure you view the guide on to familiarize yourself on where to start prying and where the glass clips into the metal clips.

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