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My First 1st Generation iPad Repair!!

teddystahl -

Mi Problema

I had a client bring in a 1st Generation iPad with a cracked screen, asking me to fix it because Apple said it was unrepairable! I told her, no problem! I can fix it for you!

Mi Solucion

Well, first off, the iPad is harder to take apart than the 2nd Generation iPad, or the iPod Touch! I ended up breaking all the clips that hold the glass, digitizer, LCD, and mid frame in place! Then I made the mistake of only ordering the glass digitizer! The glass is held on to the mid frame with some very strong adhesive, or something! It took me about 2 hours to get all the broken glass off the mid frame, (luckly i have had experience with other smartphones and personal devices!) and clean the rest of the adhesive off! Then the repair got easier! I put it all back together, tested the iPad, and it worked flawlessly! Put a screen protector on it and called the client! She was very pleased I was able to fix it for her, and over night at that!

Mi Consejo

My advice is to order your glass digitizer with the mid frame and clips! Save yourself the time and risk of breaking something else! It's not worth it!

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