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Macbook Pro Trackpad

mmartufi -

Mi Problema

The trackpad on my Macbook Pro stopped clicking and was acting erratically. The only way to get to it was to have the special Y or tri-wing precision screwdriver. So I ordered the bit driver tool kit. I tried to get the screws out with a regular flathead but they started to strip. Didn't want to chance it.

Mi Solucion

I followed the tutorials from the web but it did not resolve my issue. I then realized a swollen battery and the adjustment screw (T6) wasn't the real issue. The real issue was my 3 year old pressing too hard on the trackpad while playing her preschool games. The two mounts on the top of the trackpad were bent inward. I bent them back into place by pushing the trackpad outward and the computer is as goods as new. Still needed the tool set and now have it for future use. For less than $20, you can't go wrong!

Mi Consejo

Don't try and force these tiny screws if you don't have the right tool. BE PATIENT and get the proper tools. These particular precision screw drivers (Y shaped or tri-wing) are impossible to find in a brick and mortar.

Imagen Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits
Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits


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