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iPhone 3GS luck in being bee (flying and buzzing)

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iPhone 3GS

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iPhone 3GS Dock Connector Replacement


Mi Problema

During the call phone buzzes (noise like when you telephone near speakers)

Home button was getting more and more 'stubborn'

Plus about half a year ago it fell down and glass was broken near home button. And all the scratches started to annoy a bit

Mi Solucion

First of all I should say that this was new experience for me, but I like to do things where you need accuracy and handiness, so I thought to give a try (it would be too expensive to get service and you'll never know what you'll get back /in my country/)

I got all front assembly with lcd instead of glass and panel with speaker and button. Well if you have 30$ more and less time and dont want to be worried about dust on LCD, you should do the same. (For me there was no option because panel was out of stock - what a ** was when after ordering, next day I got email about new stockings! But you may not be interested in my long ordering story and how everything shipped to me over the ocean and how my friend during the flight was keeping assembly in her pocket and not being worried about all the cables..!)

So I watched a video (both to be exact) how to change parts, read many comments how disappointing dock changing might be and so many functions wont work. You should carefully watch too and read the manual CAREFULLY, every single word even its only about two screws. Its a start to success.

Opening front panel went well but I managed somehow to open it to wide and cables slipt off. Its better not to do it again. Then all the screws and getting everything from back panel was quite fast and without accidents. Advice: after opening, stop for a moment and stare a bit, because your phone in real wont be the same as in picture and small details make big difference and its important to notice them - otherwise getting parts back will be harder especially if youre doing it for a first time. Next advice from me about the dock is that when you put the new dock, dont forget that screw holes must be ON the silver bezel holes but NOT UNDER, cause its goes well and fits under but its not a place and getting dock out is muck harder than you think. (my second mistake)

Be careful with camera! Dust gets easy onto panel.

Talking about display I can tell a bit of a joke. I wrote in the beginning that I hadnt chance to disconnect cables and in the dock repairing manual didnt notice that all THREE cables must be connected so i did only two (nr 1 and 2) but not that tiny one which had to go under a plate (where you have to be VERY CAREFUL). Guess what? I closed everything, turned the phone on, enjoyed perfect results and posted self promoting FB update and only then realised that i forgot that cable! But everything was working! What it does? I guess something with sound, but i turn off many sounds so didint notice.

And silver bezel started to fit badly - did some glueing. This was because of slightly broken corner i guess.

So thats my story :)

Mi Consejo

Many written before, but one more:

original dock on contacts had some tape on it, so i asked dad to give me some and put pieces too. The same with home button. It looks more hermetic for me - if youd look in light youll see some space between dock connection and panel - cool way for dust to get in.

Wish you good luck as it happened to me - even working without all parts connected :)

Imagen iPhone 3GS Dock Connector
iPhone 3GS Dock Connector


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Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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Suction Handle


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