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It Worked!

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iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Home Button Replacement

2 horas


Mi Problema

My home button was in a very bad way. It took a huge amount of finger pressure (and patience) just to get it to work. I took the phone to my local Apple store and after a quick examination was told that it was water damaged. Not good.

Mi Solucion

I have never attempted anything like this. My hopes for fixing the button were low. I had nothing to lose, and delved into the job with enthusiasm.

Following the instructions slowly and to the letter, I used the back side of some gaffer tape to lay out the multitude of tiny screws, labelling each one as I went.

Both water indicator stickers were pink...definitely not good!

My hopes were now lower, but I went through with the job - happy for the experience and taking photos as I went.

The process took me approx 4 hours (with dinner and a sanity break thrown in). I couldn't wait to see if the thing would ever work again, and replaced the last screw just before midnight.

To my shock the phone rebooted as the battery was plugged back in...and shock horror...EVERYTHING WORKED!!! I would even say that coverage and wifi work better than before. I have no idea what I did right!! And the home button now works a treat :)

Mi Consejo

Use the sticky tape thing - label EVERY screw and make it easy for yourself to put the phone back together. I would've been screwed (sorry) if I hadn't followed that advice.

I didn't bother with the windex thing (on metal contact surfaces), because I didn't have any. And my patience for handling tiny phone things was growing thin. I just wanted to put it back together. Not sure if this is good advice, but like I said everything still works great (one week later)!

4 hours sounds like a long time. And it is. I think I could do it in 1-2 hours if I tried it again.

Apologies for the poor image quality, I was using my "other" phone to take pics!

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Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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Flathead 3/32" or 2.5 mm Screwdriver


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