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iPhone4 screen repair debarkle!!

melaniewright -

Mi Problema

The good old smashed screen problem... Made it to step 14 in the "how to" instructions only to find a thredded screw head... Screw unable to be removed as it had no pattern in the head which had occurred prior to me opening the phone ie: during assembly... Another screw was missing it's head altogether and had been snapped off in the hole!! Good quality assurance - NOT!!

Mi Solucion

Very difficult to remove screw with no head... Tried super glue, metal putty and drilling. Extractor set was my only hope and I'm happy to say it worked... Not easily but in the end it was the extractor set that removed the problem screw. Gathered all my advice from this site... Very helpful!!

Mi Consejo

It looks complicated but it's not rocket science... Take your time, follow the steps and keep all your parts in the order you removed them... Once you've undone it all putting it back together is easy peasy!! I'm blonde and I'm a girl!!

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