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What happened? / I got the Power, for NOW!

kingph -

iMac Intel 17"

iMac Intel 17" Power Supply Replacement

iMac Intel 17" Power Supply Replacement


Mi Problema

My computer would only turn on if you hugged it.

Mi Solucion

Fast, easy, to the point. If you have the guide.

Mi Consejo

Trust me, they maid it as difficult as they could [with some still calling cheating (and they did, BIG TIME)]. But no, not anyway, the turtle still wins the race. Remember, its a marathon not a 100 yard dash.

Thanks to all my friends and family that made this posable, I really couldn't have done it with out you.


Phillip King

Imagen iMac G5/Intel Power Supply
iMac G5/Intel Power Supply


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