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Water Damaged iPhone 4s - The Journey

Christine -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Headphone Jack Cable Replacement

iPhone 4S Headphone Jack Cable Replacement

2 horas


Mi Problema

When cleaning out my liquid damaged phone, I accidentally tore the headphone jack assembly cable.

Mi Solucion

Okay, so I am a recently turned stay at home mom. In the craziness of trying to get things done, I didn't do one thing that I always do - check my back pocket before going to the restroom. The next part may not be for the faint of heart. Yes, as I was rushing to go to the restroom before the baby started crying, I dropped my phone in the toilet. My wonderful phone that I had bought myself as a last present before I stopped making money for myself. As always though, I treat things as if there is hope. First off, I knew I had to get the phone out as quick as possible. Secondly, I needed to turn it off as soon as possible. It wasn't happening. It would turn on as soon as I tried to turn it off.

That's okay, I'll just open it up and pull the battery. I was going to open it up anyways. Wait, what type of screws are those?

Fast foward. I've gotten my pentalobe screwdriver, and after leaving my phone in a bag of rice while waiting for the screwdriver to arrive, I took it out and opened the phone to see the damage. Oh yes, water had gotten almost everything important, and all the stickers were pink. Corrosion on the battery and LCD connection. I forgot to mention, the phone seems to work fine (tested out speakers, mic's, cameras, sensors) but the phone is turning off about every 5 minutes, with the LCD sort of "fraying" as it's on it's way out). So, back to where I have it open. I take the whole thing apart, COMPLETELY, as I wanted to ensure no more corrosion. I armed myself with 91% isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush and scrubbed every last bit down. Everything. Finished off with some compressed air, and left everything apart until a new battery came in (just wanted to replace that even if the phone would've worked properly.. Never wanna mess with batteries that have potential liquid damage!). So, I replace the battery a few days later and wa la! Everything works perfect. Except... On my way into the phone, the top mic on the 4s is this very little cable attached to the headphone jack assembly. Literally, all I did was hold onto it, look up at my son, And the slight motion tore the mic clean off. So, here's where the assembly comes in. Long story short, the repair is simple based on how comfortable you are taking things apart. And the story ends happily. The part is great quality, and the phone works as strong as the day I got it. In fact, I'm typing on it now, which is the reason for the long paragraph. Success!

Mi Consejo

If you ever drop your $700 iPhone 4s into liquid, follow those same steps the best you can and you will probably have a working phone again. Apple makes their products strong and I've always had great success in being able to repair their phones pretty easily. They don't use cheap stuff to throw together their phones! So I also say this - invest in an iPhone! Oh yes, and thank you ifixit... I did need to see the guides to see if the 4s headphone jack assembly was the same as the 4 (I haven't owned a 4.. Just went right from a 3G.) Well, one site said it was.. And thank goodness I was calm enough to research it some more, as this site had the valuable information I was looking for. I was more than pleased at receiving a very hard to find part and thankfully it was what I needed.

Imagen iPhone 4S Headphone Jack & Volume Control Cable
iPhone 4S Headphone Jack & Volume Control Cable


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