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The tea, the keyboard and the hidden fact

zsoltj -

MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150

MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Keyboard Replacement


Mi Problema

I got a laptop from work, so I left my personal MacBookPro at home for my wife to use. To keep the story short, the "spilled liquid incident" has been kept secret for a few days. By the time I was told about it, it was too late. The letters N H Y 6 were no longer responding.

I have taken the laptop apart as per the site's instructions and tried to clean it, but it was just too late. I had no other choice but to order a another keyboard.

Mi Solucion

The repair went smooth. Since I already took my laptop apart a couple of times, I was done replacing the keyboard in 10 minutes. It was a delight being able to fully use the keyboard again.

Mi Consejo

If it is your first time doing this, do not rush. And of course, make sure you keep all the screws safe :)

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