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ipod Classic battery not charging

Lindsay Cullen -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Logic Board Replacement

iPod Classic Logic Board Replacement

1 - 2 horas

Very difficult

Mi Problema

Was going to just replace the battery took some time to get the case open then went to disconnect the battery ribbon and broke the terminal off the logic board oh sh***t

Mi Solucion

Replacing the logic board i followed your repair guide which i found great but refitting one of the screws that secures the logic board to the frame i crossthreaded it so only held by one put it all back together including a new battery case clipped back as it was before turned on message to connect to itunes battery very low connected to computer i would say that my library didn't match up with the board had to reset lost information that was not in the library that was on the other board then disconnected from computer tried to charge with charger didn't charge after hours reconnect to itunes for 3-4 hours all good now working fine no problems thank you

Mi Consejo

I would recommend a some type of magnifying screen to work under i only had a hand held one

Imagen de iPod Classic (80 GB and 160 GB Thick) Logic Board
iPod Classic (80 GB and 160 GB Thick) Logic Board


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