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Love It! Pro Tech Base Toolkit

mxiong -

Mi Problema

2011 Apple MacBook Pro - liquid damage, replace logic board.

HP EliteBook 8560w - remove logic board to solder new DC Jack.

Many Custom Build PC Desktop and many more.

Mi Solucion

Everything when great except the screw tip aren't long enough to reach some of the hidden screws, maybe make the Phillips, Slot and torque screws tip a bit longer by 10mm.

Mi Consejo

Love it!

I’ve been a technician for over six years and always had been using the Husky tool to fix all of my customer’s laptop, desktop and Apple product. This tool is perfect for any Apple product or desktop PC and not so much for PC laptop due to some screw are hidden very deep where this tool can’t get to it or maybe I’m doing something wrong (please see picture for detail). I would like iFixit to make the screw tips just a bit longer (maybe by 10mm) so that it can reach those deep hidden screws on some PC laptop.

I would recommend this toolkit for any one that loves to repair electronic component or a technician. The technicians at my work place love this toolkit.

Sorry my desk is a mess, been very busy and haven't got a chance to clean it.

Thanks iFixit

Mee Xiong

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