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Saved I phone

jhunter12 -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Replacement

iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Replacement


Mi Problema

Speaker quit working. Priced replacement phone $456.00

Apple wanted $175.00 to fix after I drove it to them, would need to leave with them and drive back to get it. I checked your website and ordered repair kit and speaker and fixed myself $75.00!

Mi Solucion

Read the free online instructions, used tools from my repair kit, grabbed my coffee and went to work. Took no more than 20 minutes,. I paid for my repair kit in my first use! I then used the repair kit to re pair and tighten all our eyeglasses. IFIXIT sent a email making sure I received my repair kit and parts needed. Also sent link to repair instructions and a blog site to visit if I was having trouble. Is this a great company or what.

Mi Consejo

I do have some advice. Order your repair parts from this company. Not only do they help you fixit, they do a fantastic job of follow up and help you walk through your I phone repairs. And send you free videos and encouragement. Oh and you will save a boatload of money.

Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


Imagen iPhone 4 and 4S Speaker Enclosure
iPhone 4 and 4S Speaker Enclosure


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