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Broken iPod Gen 4 Glass

lsrubas -

iPod Nano 4th Generation

iPod Nano 4th Generation Glass Panel Replacement

iPod Nano 4th Generation Glass Panel Replacement


Mi Problema

My daughter dropped her iPod Nano Gen 4 and the glass broke.

Mi Solucion

The repair went fine. The guide was extremely helpful! Thanks iFixit!

Mi Consejo

The only thing I would add is this: the glass on my daughter's iPod lifted right out when it was broken. I didn't have to slide the LCD up to get the glass out. BUT....sliding the LCD up is critical to getting the new glass in. This should be noted in the guide. There's no way to get the glass back in without sliding the LCD up. You have to slide the new glass down in the ipod, below the opening, then slide it back up to get the glass to fit in. You can't force it in if the LCD is in place - you'll break it.

Imagen iPod nano (4th Gen) Glass
iPod nano (4th Gen) Glass


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Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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