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Hard Drive Replacement

lindseymart -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

5 - 30 minutos


Mi Problema

My Toshiba HD was failing, so I looked up some 3rd party hard drives for replacement and chose the Seagate 750 7200 RPM for my mid 2009 MacBook Pro.

Mi Solucion

The installation went smoothly. You guys make tech repair pretty easy.

Mi Consejo

After installation, I had to erase and partition in the new drive but kept receiving a Proxus Error: Cannot allocate memory. Turns out I needed to replace the hard drive connector and ribbon in the Mac, which is rare. If anyone ever gets that message, I would suggest they get the connector for $17.00, it was worth it.

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TR6 Torx Security Screwdriver


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