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No RMA.. good replacment MB for Asus tf300t (transformer pad)

1jamessidel -

Mi Problema

Someone gave it to me to since it was bricked. only APX mode ,, with no nvflash backup which are indiv. device specific (chip id etc)

A new Mb was only $30 so i chanced it--success !!!

Mi Solucion

It was not that hard conpared to a screen replacment... that looks like its on top to most users but it is the bottom and everything must come out.. . .... it went ok i was very very careful and read every available thing thing first since there was no guys are great... it is quadrant at 6500 !!! ..CleanROM inheritance resides on the new MB and i added some thermal paste before i put the copper heatsink back..

Mi Consejo

BE very very very patient.....your buying good parts...if not you can keep replaceing them until one works.....These guys know what they are doing though...I think a lot of people break their devices during the intricate procedures..easy on phones.... BUY THE TOOLS THEY SELL HERE>. you will need cant jerry rig these tools...also....get aheat gun....if not....get crazy glue....or both :)

Imagen de ASUS Transformer Pad (TF300T) Motherboard
ASUS Transformer Pad (TF300T) Motherboard


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