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Thnak you, ifixit!

Tsutomu Niimi -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Hard Drive Cable Replacement

Very difficult

Mi Problema


Here is Japan! and I know this site by Google. My iPod had many problems.

1)HDD was broken. It could not be spin up.

2)I tryed to check my iPod, but I mistaked and broken a battery connector.

3)I found this site, and many many advices got by this site.

4)Now, my iPod works completely!


Mi Solucion

First, I Knew I had to buy a cable for HITACHI's cable for my iPod.

So I orderd this site, even I am in Japan, too far from USA but only 10days ago, a new part arrived!

I fix the new part, and it move completely.

I try also CF-memory instead of HDD, and it move completely!

Mi Consejo

Sorry, because I am a Japanese, so I do not have to inform my advice for you by English.

Imagen iPod Video or Classic (Thin Case) Hard Drive Cable
iPod Video or Classic (Thin Case) Hard Drive Cable


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