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Instructions were awesome!

amylofton -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

1 - 2 horas


Mi Problema

Replaced the screen because it was cracked.

Mi Solucion

Everything went just as the instructions said it would with the exception of the time it took. I'm a novice-intermediate repairer and it took me somewhere between 4-5 hours. Of course, this included making a few errors and having to redo some steps but in the end, I was very pleased that I was able to do it and everything is working perfectly!

Mi Consejo

Keep another phone/tablet close by. Twice, I referenced a YouTube video to see in action, how a particular part of the repair should look. The first time, I struggled to get the SIM card out but once I saw the YouTube video, I realized I wasn't pushing in hard enough. The second time was when I could not get the battery out, I realized I wasn't pulling hard enough after seeing it done in a video.

Imagen de iPhone 4S Screen
iPhone 4S Screen


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