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Fixing colorful static on Nexus 5 screen

kev248 -

Mi Problema

My Nexus 5 was showing colorful static when waking up from sleep mode. Restarting would fix it, but even this would not work later. The phone was obviously still turning on because I could see the notification light.

Mi Solucion

Replacing the usb port with this part fixed it and my phone works just like before. The process went without any major issues. I didn't have a proper screwdriver initially and accidentally wore off one of the screw heads. I took an xacto knife and carved a groove into the screw (and the speaker grill) so I could take the screw out.

Mi Consejo

Use proper tools. A credit card or something similar can be used in place of a plastic pry tool.

Imagen de Nexus 5 Charging Assembly
Nexus 5 Charging Assembly


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