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My Wife's Christmas Present by husband Joe using wife's login :)

Shari -

Mi Problema

The Problem - my wife has to be the hardest person to buy for! I fixed it by buying her the best tools from ifixit! She has a hobby fixing friends and family iPod and iPhones.

Mi Solucion

It went over great she was so happy with her new tools and coudn't wait to take something apart! I finally after 10 years of marriage got her the best gift ever! She was so happy :)

Mi Consejo

My advice is if you have a person that likes to fix electronics get them the tools from they rock and we got the stuff in 2 days (to Canada eh!) My wife is so happy till her birthday....hopefully ifixit will get more cool tools to add to my wife's collect! Thank again ifixit for making my wife's Chistmas 2011 the best one ever!

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