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Cracking into the Mac Mini like a hobo cracking into an August clam shell...

chris -

Mi Problema

Our Mac Mini shipped with an anemic 512MB of RAM. Apple wanted a ridiculous amount of money for us to bring it to them and for them to place their bourgeois DDR2 667MHz RAM into our box. I say down with the bourgeois! Vive la proletariat!

Your metal spudger set was the key to cracking open that clam shell that is the Mac Mini to reveal it's memory pearl and ultimately allowed us to replace it with our better for-the-people pearl.

Mi Solucion

Excellent. We got together at a pizza and beer shack and used our iphone flashlights to light the way for our guy to show us how to tap into the Mac Mini and replace it's memory.

Mi Consejo

Have the tools. Doesn't matter if it's forehead mounted flashlights or the spudger set - the $8 you spend is well worth the frustration you'll avoid when trying to do something seemingly impossible.

Imagen Metal Spudger Set
Metal Spudger Set


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