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Inverter Replacement 20 Inch Intel iMac

George -

Mi Problema

My (Late 2006) iMac's display went dead. An external monitor worked, so the video card is OK. Online research narrowed it down to the display itself or the inverter board.

A display would be out of the question at $500 plus. I bought a new inverter on EBay for $50, as opposed to a used one for $25.

Mi Solucion

Replacing the inverter fixed the problem. The instructions were great!

(iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 Inverter Replacement)

Getting the two screws out for the memory door were a pain. I assume they are JIS rather than Philips, and ordered the driver kit for future adventures.

Unlatching the bezel was also a trial, but It finally happened. I could feel the latches moving, but the bezel wouldn't move, I hated to do it, but pushing against the glass on the display was necessary to get the bezel free.

The EMI shielding tore a bit when removing it in Step 8. Not having any foil tape, I slid a doubled piece of aluminum foil under the tear when I reinstalled the shielding.

Now, the camera doesn't work and I need to remove the bezel & check the connector, Hopefully it is just not seated, & not broken. After 5 years of ownership, I have yet to use it anyway!

Mi Consejo

The third photo for step 3 shows the latch assembly. It was difficult to understand its orientation from the photo. An arrow that says "Push here with card" would be helpful. The way the photo is cropped, it is hard to tell that the air slot is at the bottom of the photo. It would have been helpful to know that the latch connected to the side, rather than the front of the bezel.

Step 12 says that a thin magnetic #10 Torx is needed to remove the display screws and that most bit drivers are too short. That tidbit should be in the introductory tool list.

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