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Almost Too Easy

hagosrush -

iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

2 - 5 minutos


Mi Problema

I dropped my phone under my car the other day and well you know what happened. The back shattered. The only reason I changed it was because it was cutting my hands every once in a while. I saw the "stock" and thought briefly about putting it back on and then saw the transparent panel and did not even hesitate to purchase it.

Mi Solucion

I mean really? This was probably the easiest thing I have EVER done regarding a repair. Replacing my 13 MB screen was war compared to this.

Mi Consejo

It's transparent. It is very neat and clean behind the iphone. But it certainly does add some personal flair. Even if you have NEVER done any repair to devices before this is a simply stupid upgrade that anyone can do.

Imagen iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit
iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit


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