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Installing iMac G5 20" Model A1076 Power Supply

jcartisan2 -

iMac G5 20" Model A1076

iMac G5 20" Model A1076 Power Supply Replacement

iMac G5 20" Model A1076 Power Supply Replacement


Mi Problema

Mac power supply went > After doing some research I found that this seems to be a common problem with the older Power PC Macs. The overheating of the supply unit is caused by dust clogging the air intake and fan's.

Mi Solucion

Once I swapped out the part my failful old Mac was back up and running. Paired with the new 1gb hard-drive and new Superdrive 12.7 mm PATA 4x SuperDrive (24X CDR), the computer is almost as fast as my new 27" iMac.

Mi Consejo

Don't be scared to do-it-yourself.... just read some installation guides and/or video's... Google of course, is also a great resource of information. Just remember to ground yourself before touching any of the internal parts and don't wear clothes that create static (like that Christmas sweater Grandma gave you)

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