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MacBook repair 13" 12"14" Sony,IBM, Toshiba, HP,Computers & cameras

nathaniel aiken -

Mi Problema

I like to keep up to date in electronics. I've in the feild since the fifties retired repairing all electronics at Sears for over 30 years, had my store four years before doing the same thing. still useing Simpson 260 and Fluke meters. I still have a few customers. they have faith in my repair. I go for high end electro.

Mi Solucion

I have firends with factory authorise shop. I visit them and give and get tips. carring a 42" samsung had to stop short and bang the lcd display crack into many peices. lucky for me it was under Warranty.

Mi Consejo

Get the correct tools before you start your repair. then read up and get all the info on the product before one start. Thanks for the Computer age one can find a lot on help abound. it is best to have some experince. its best to have some training before starting any repair.

thanks for the advance in electronics in today's world.

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