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iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPhone 3G Front Panel Assembly Replacement


Mi Problema

Classic story: iPhone (without a case) fell out of pocket onto the pavement and front glass was shattered. Screen protector in place and held glass together.

Mi Solucion

All went well except the new 'button' doesn't work well. Takes multiple pushes to work. Having the screen protector on meant I could haul the glass out in one piece with a suction cup.

Mi Consejo

Without the screen protector holding the glass fragments in place, removing the glass would have been a real mess. I tried removing the glass from the 'frame' (heating the adhesive) so I could just order the glass alone but I warped the frame. I would skip even trying this and just order the "assembly" (glass + frame) instead, even though it is more expensive. Save yourself the grief!

The connectors for the screen, button, speaker, LCD are very tiny and required patience to reconnect. Don't lose your patience and force them. If aligned, two should 'snap' into place and the third 'clamps' when you move the latch mechanism.

Imagen iPhone 3G Front Panel Assembly
iPhone 3G Front Panel Assembly


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